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Truckee River hydroelectric plants set records

The Truckee Meadows Water Authority produced more power at its Truckee River hydroelectric plants than at any other time in its decade-long history.

And for the first time, the utility generated more electricity than it used in its task to provide water to roughly 93,000 homes and businesses across the greater Reno-Sparks area.

"We actually had a surplus. It was a record year," said Pat Neilson, manager of distribution and generation for the utility.

During the fiscal year ending June 30, the water authority's three hydroelectric plants generated 45,863 megawatts. That's compared to an average of between 41,000 and 42,000 megawatts, Neilson said.

Electricity produced by the utility's plants is sold for use on NV Energy's power grid. One megawatt is sufficient electricity to power about 750 homes for an hour.

Truckee River Symposium 2011, Sept. 27-29, 2011

Save the Date! September 27-29, 2011 at DRI.The purpose of this symposium is to communicate, investigate and evaluate science along the river.

Discussions will provide an understanding of Truckee River's important role in supporting northern Nevada and eastern California, while serving as a valuable resource to others who utilize the river. One element of this program is to provide all groups who work within the watershed a comprehensive understanding of what their colleagues are doing, and to bring critical Truckee River issues to the table for discussion. Drought, water quality, water resources, technical considerations and ecological elements will be discussed, with a mix of research, environmental, management and recreational perspectives included.

Mogul Creek research study

Somersett's Weir'd Stream, A Study." This study was completed by UNR Ecohydrology students working under Mark Walker's supervision. Data gathered and assessed include: conditions, slope, UTM, rate of discharge, water quality, and physical characteristics.

Alum Creek Research Project

Nevada DEP listed Alum Creek as impaired in the 2006 draft NV 303(d) list. The Truckee Meadows Watershed Committee (www.tmstormwater.com) has assessed this tributary of the Truckee River in years past, noting tremendous scour and erosion events with stormwater flows. The City of Reno began collaborating with the Caughlin Ranch Homeowners Association and Nevada State Lands to evaluate land use that may be contributing to the watershed issues. Mark Walker of UNR and UNCE, worked with these partners as well as the TMWRF laboratory for sample analysis, and began field assessments with EcoHydrology students to develop an understanding of impairments on Alum Creek. This presentation is the result of the study, and if possible, data will be contributed to NDEP for use in the 303(d) process.

Flow data compiled by the California Fly Fisher

California Fly Fisher is the only magazine dedicated to providing you with thoughtful, informative articles that cover the breadth of the fly-fishing experience in California, whether angling for trout or for the myriad other species -- warmwater and saltwater included -- found in our waters.

Includes CA river conditions (CDEC), East Sierra reservoir levels and stream flows, and Federal streamflow data.

Fernley residents seek to control canal water flow

Lahontan Valley News
April 4, 2008

RENO, Nev. (AP) -- Lawyers for scores of residents flooded when an irrigation canal failed in January said Thursday they are seeking a federal court order to restrict water flows in the canal to prevent another flood.
They also said in an amended motion filed in U.S. District Court in Reno on Wednesday that the canal break was caused by poor maintenance and greedy water managers trying to maximize water storage for farmers, not burrowing rodents, as the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation concluded.
"Rodents had nothing to do with the flood," said Robert Hager, one of the Reno lawyers representing about 175 flood victims in Fernley, about 30 miles east of Reno.
"It's an easy excuse to blame it on animals that are unable to say `It is not our fault,' and it appears to minimize their culpability," he said at a news conference.
Hager and Lee Hotchkin filed the motion seeking an emergency injunction that would limit flows in the 32-mile canal to one-third of the maximum legal operating level, 250 cubic feet per second.

For entire article, please visit the website.

Snowpack fine for now, but more winter weather needed to increase water levels

Posted: 2/17/2008

January produced a real winter for the region, but more storms will be needed for the season to end with enough snow in the mountains.

The Sierra snowpack, which provides the water needed in the arid valleys of Western Nevada and the cities of Reno, Sparks and Carson City, remains at above-average levels but the cushion isn't a big one.

Last week, the snowpack in the Lake Tahoe Basin sat at 117 percent of average for the date. The Truckee River Basin's snowpack was measured at 101 percent.

That's good news after a slow start to the winter. In late December, the snowpack measured less than half of what it should have been. Then came the back-to-back storms of January, which deposited nearly 20 feet of snow near Donner Summit and beefed up the snowpack to healthy levels.

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USGS Nevada Water Science Center

The U.S. Geological Survey’s (USGS) mission is to provide reliable scientific information about the Nation’s natural resources. An integral part of that mission is to provide consistent, long-term water-resources data to customers, cooperators, and the public. To accomplish our mission, we operate a widespread surface- and ground-water data collection network as well as research a wide range of scientific issues throughout Nevada.

End foreseen to longtime dispute over Truckee River water

Source: Lahontan Valley News
By MARTIN GRIFFITH, Associated Press Writer
January 27, 2008, 7:00 PM

RENO, Nev. (AP) -- Federal officials said they foresee an end to a longstanding dispute over the Truckee River's waters with the release of a document that finds no significant adverse environmental impacts from a proposed agreement between various parties.

The final environmental study by the U.S. Department of Interior and California Department of Water Resources concludes the Truckee River Operating Agreement would provide a major boost to the river's water quality and fishery.

The operating agreement negotiated by Sen. Harry Reid, D-Nev., in 1990 is designed to end decades of conflict over the Truckee's water by balancing the interests of Fallon-area farmers, the Pyramid Lake Paiute Tribe's fisheries and upstream urban users.

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Truckee River Discharge data - realtime

Real-time Truckee River flows for Truckee River, from Tahoe City downstream. Please visit website and scroll down to find Truckee River data.

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