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TTSA - Martis Creek Monitoring Data

Treated effluent is piped out through a soil aquifer treatment system through a series of laterals where physical, chemical and microbial activity improve water quality further. This large discharge field contains monitoring wells, which are monitored regularly. Effluent is retained within the system for a minimum of 50 days, then the aquifer emerges to the Truckee River or Martis Creek through seepage. Analytical Method: WQ: Water temperature, Dissolved oxygen, pH, alkalinity, Turbidity, chlorides, TDS, Total Coliform, Fecal coliform, total Iron, Dissolved organic carbon, Total Phosphorus, ortho Phosphorus, nitrate, Total Kjeldahl nitrogen, unioned ammonia, trihalomethanes, boron, sulfate, methylene blue active substances, flow. Method numbers are listed in last attachment below. BMI: Bioassessment to order level. Periphyton. Geographic Coverage: M-1: Martis Ck just below Martis Dam: 39.33003 N/120.11936 W M-2: Martis Ck just above Truckee River confluence 39.34965 N/120.11863 W

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