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Truckee Meadows Storm Water Sampling Program

Please reference documents listed here (posted in Project section) - for each time series of data collection:
2004 Sampling & Analysis Plan (SAP) describes the program from 2004 through 2009.
2010 SAP describes program data from January 2011-December 2012.
2012 SAP is posted, which describes the program and data collected from January 2013-December 2013,
2013 Addenda to the 2012 SAP, which describes changes to the 2012 SAP, effective January 2014.
Find the Sampling & Analysis Plans at this link: http://www.truckeeriverinfo.org/project/truckee-meadows-regional-storm-water-management-program

The Storm Water monitoring program has evolved over the years, from a quarterly sample collection basis with storm events caught according to a strict ordered list of tributaries... and as it has evolved, basic water quality has always been collected as well as TDS, TSS, N (breakdown) and TP. In 2012, the sampling program was changed to embrace water quality monitoring of outfalls to the Truckee River, and the frequency was reduced on the tributaries, in the hopes of focusing on data that would bring more insight. While there are over 30 significant outfalls through the community, a representative collection were chosen for sampling.

Sampling for regular and storm-based events are coordinated between the Washoe County DWR and the City of Reno and City of Sparks through the Truckee Meadows Interlocal Stormwater Committee. Analytical support has been provided by the TMWRF laboratory (2011) and other local analytical laboratories, and highest Quality Assurance/Quality Control has been held throughout.Values less than the reporting limits are non-zero estimated values to simplify mathematical manipulation of the data. Minimum Test Reporting Limits (mg/l) follow analytical methodology for analytes. Datasets associated with these plans may be found in the Data section.

In 2013, the Nevada Desert Research Institute (DRI) was hired for a pilot study to collect storm-event discharge samples from outfalls and tributaries, and analyze them at the Water Quality Laboratory and Benthic Macroinvertebrate Laboratory at DRI. There was also a task to evaluate all historical data to assist with future monitoring plans. As a result, all data for Spring/Summer 2013 are posted as a DRI document (Final2-TruckeeMeadowsSWMG.pdf), below.

The Storm Water Committee also provided annual Tributary Assessments to the Truckee River with reports from 2005-2012. These assessed our regional streams annually, with classifications on whether they were improving in condition, or declining, each year. These reports helped prioritize drainageway projects and may be found Here:

The Storm Water Committee staff have caught various storm events throughout the region, as a snapshot of water running off land into the tributaries of our region. Please find these reports below as attachments.

TM_SWPCC_Memo_on_303(d)_Listings_V4 (1).doc1.86 MB
StormEvent 2012 chalk ck report.pdf1.89 MB
StormEvent 2012 Alum Ck report.pdf6.15 MB
StormEvent NTD 2012 report.pdf4.5 MB
DRI storm monitoring 2013 TMSWMP report.pdf2.71 MB
StormEvent Galena Ck Sept2012.doc51 KB
Ambient Data SW 032011 thru07 2015.xls1.02 MB
Ambient Data SW 10 2003 thru 12 2010.xlsx116.31 KB
Jan 2014 Storm Report Complete.doc15.41 MB
Balance 2014 Annual Monitoring Report TMSWMP.pdf14.65 MB