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Pyramid Lake Comprehensive Resource Management Plan (2005) PLPT-USDA-NRCS


The Comprehensive Resource Management Plan (CRMP) is a reservation-wide

plan for all resource management planning on the Pyramid Lake Indian Reservation.

The primary objectives of the CRMP are as follows:

• To thoroughly assess current resource conditions and identify priorities for resource

conservation and enhancement;

• To make wise management decisions based on analysis of the best available

scientific data and traditional knowledge and information;

• To consolidate and enhance the use of resource management plans and supporting

data under the scope of the CRMP to protect, preserve, and improve the natural


• To better conserve and improve the natural resources of tribal lands for cultural and

ceremonial purposes for future generations;

• To improve program coordination and implementation between tribal departments

responsible for resource management and tribal members who utilize the natural


• To promote working partnerships with external resource management agencies and


• To provide a well documented plan to pursue needed funding to implement tribal

resource priorities.

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