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Chalk Creek Weekly Monitoring

Weekly samples are taken on Chalk Creek at the constructed weir between Int. 80 and West Fourth Street, just west of Reno. New weir installed Winter 2008 is located above the Highland Ditch spillway. Values less than the reporting limits are non-zero estimated values to simplify mathematical manipulation of the data. Minimum Test Reporting Limits (mg/l) are: Total-P 0.01, NH3-N 0.02, NO3-N + NO2-N 0.005, TKN 0.1, TSS 2, TDS 2. Any values given below these limits are estimates only, based on statistics. Temporal Coverage: 2006-05-02 – 2008-11-12 Analytical Method: TDS, Total P, Total N, NO2-N, NO3-N, NH3-N, TKN Metadata is attached. Geographic Coverage: Chalk Creek lower reach, at slightly different locations. GPS data for all locations: Chalk Cr above inverted siphon: 39 30' 52.34", Chalk Creek at Weir: 39 30' 50.96", Chalk Cr @ 4th St/Upstream Bridge 39 30' 48.25". Note: April 2006 samples show lessened TDS results from TMWA operations spilling river water down flume above sampling location, diluting the Chalk Creek water.

Explanation of dataset.xls19.5 KB
Raw Chalk Creek grab samples 11-12-08 final set.xls356.5 KB