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Pyramid Lake Monitoring Program

Bioassessment Monitoring in Surface Waters of the Pyramid Lake Indian Reservation

The Pyramid Lake Paiute Tribe monitors for benthic macroinvertebrates in tributaries feeding into Pyramid Lake and the lower Truckee River. Benthic communities are instream for many months and even years, and have varying sensitivities to pollutants which may run off land or be discharged to the waterways. Standardization is key to ensure non-biased sampling and sample handling, as well as data analysis. Attachments include all standard operating procedures and quality assurance protection plans as approved by EPA, Region IX. Any questions or comments on these methods or QA/QC may be directed to John Mosely, Environmental Director for PLPT.

RBA QAPP 2007_final version.pdf7.52 MB
Cover Letter_final.pdf12.66 KB
APPENDIX A_ 2007 Final.pdf571.61 KB
APPENDIX B_ 2007 Final.pdf1.47 MB
APPENDIX C_ 2007 draft version.pdf1.61 MB
APPENDIX E_ Health & Safety Plan.pdf10.08 KB
CABW_std taxonomic effort.pdf372.93 KB