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NDEP Truckee River Monitoring Project

The NDEP Truckee River Monitoring project is sampled and tested by Desert Research Institute. The same methods have been used for the last 20 years. The Analytical Procedures table referenced the EPA methods. The Methods Summary attachment describes both EPA and Standard Methods (SM). The EPA and SM methods listed for each parameter are essentially equivalent from an analytical chemistry prospective, but the EPA versions include specific QA procedures. The EPA methods reference the SM methods (and sometimes vice versa).

Sampling sites can be viewed on the maps in the Maps and GIS section or at the website below. It may be a little hard to read the Site ID's on the Routine. We are no longer using the word Routine to describe the monthly sampling sites, but are now calling them Long Term sites. In the misc part we have two types of sites, short term and special studies.

To glean data from the Truckee Watershed, please visit http://www.truckeeriverinfo.org/resource/1615.

Or to request further data, please contact John Heggeness at (775) 687-9455 or jheggene@ndep.nv.gov

DRI methods Summary (.doc)44 KB
Truckee River - Analysis Table and Methdos (EPA) (.doc)43 KB
NDEP Sampling Sites (.xls)86.5 KB