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Truckee River Symposium 2011, Sept. 27-29, 2011

Save the Date! September 27-29, 2011 at DRI.The purpose of this symposium is to communicate, investigate and evaluate science along the river.

Discussions will provide an understanding of Truckee River's important role in supporting northern Nevada and eastern California, while serving as a valuable resource to others who utilize the river. One element of this program is to provide all groups who work within the watershed a comprehensive understanding of what their colleagues are doing, and to bring critical Truckee River issues to the table for discussion. Drought, water quality, water resources, technical considerations and ecological elements will be discussed, with a mix of research, environmental, management and recreational perspectives included.

This is a perfect opportunity to communicate/ exchange information, update project progress, and collaborate and coordinate with your colleagues on new ideas. The symposium will consist of brief presentations describing work being done along the Truckee River and within the California and Nevada watershed and the policy that drives the work being described.

Attached are the Call for Abstracts and Save the Date! page. Please distribute widely.


2011 TRS Call for Abstracts.pdf63.32 KB