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Water filtration company to offer free arsenic testing

Truckee Meadows Water Systems of Reno is providing free arsenic testing for residents of Northern Nevada with drinking water supplies coming from private wells.

“Municipal water providers test their water and, if the arsenic levels are high, notify customers. Unfortunately, private well users usually have no idea if their arsenic levels exceed the EPA limit of 10 parts per billion until it's too late.” said Mike Guidara, company president, in a press release.

Arsenic in high doses causes cancer of the lungs, bladder, kidneys and skin. Once ingested, it accumulates in the body.

“The government has allocated grant money for public water supplies, but not for homes drawing from private wells. We've seen local wells at over 100 parts per billion and now, there is talk of lowering the EPA standard to 3-5 parts per billion” Guidara said.

For a free arsenic test, call 775-324-2001 or bring a water sample to 245 Winter Street, Reno.