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Washoe County 208 Water Quality Management Plan

Washoe County

208 Water Quality

Management Plan

Nevada River Chronology Publication Series

This river chronology is intended to provide a background document and reference resource of Lake Tahoe and the Truckee River Basins. It is organized into several parts, including: (1) an introduction; (2) an overview of the basin and its geographic, hydrologic, and socioeconomic characteristics; (3) a detailed chronology of the pre-twentieth century; (4) a detailed chronology of the twentieth century; (5) references; and (6) river flow schematic diagrams depicting important hydrologic features and U.S. Geological Survey stream flow gaging stations of the Upper Truckee River Basin and the Lower Truckee River Basin. The dates and happenings in this chronology represent our best knowledge of the sequence of important events pertaining to the Truckee River Basin, Lake Tahoe and the Lake Tahoe Basin, the Truckee River, that river's tributaries, storage lakes, reservoirs, and diversions, Pyramid Lake, water diversions from the lower Truckee River at Derby Dam for the Newlands Irrigation Project, and related water supply, water quality, environmental and fishery issues. Should you have information in conflict with these dates and/or events, or knowledge of additional events with respect to this water basin which you deem to be important in this regard, please contact:

Nevada Division of Water Resources
901 S. Stewart St., Suite 2002
Carson City, Nevada 89701-5250
Telephone: (775) 684-2800
FAX: (775) 684-2811

Truckee River Flood Project Book Online

Now available! Flood Project staff has created a book depicting ALL elements of the Truckee River Flood Project.

This 50-mile project stretching from Booth Street in Downtown Reno to Pyramid Lake consists of flood reduction projects, recreation projects and river restoration projects.

ALL of these are now available to see by accessing the front page of the website below and clicking on one of the three books.

*As you can imagine, the maps, pictures and wording made for very large files so they are separated by "reach" (Downtown project elements and maps, Truckee Meadows project elements and maps, and Lower Truckee project elements and maps).

*Last but not least, please remember that this is a draft and a living document that will be modified as elements change and/or are modified.

Water Locator Tool

This "Water Locator Tool" website is designed to help you locate your receiving water and to determine whether that waterbody is considered "impaired" under Section 303(d) of the Clean Water Act.

This information is needed to properly fill out your NOI. You will be using your facility address and/or facility lattitude-longitude to determine which waterbodies are closest to your facility location.

The Water Locator Tool leads you through a series of steps to help you answer the questions in your Notice of Intent (NOI) regarding your receiving water.

Visit the website for the NOI form.

USGS NV Surface Water Data

Follow the link below for the NWIS NV surface water web page.

For questions, please contact Michael Rosen, USGS.

Flow data compiled by the California Fly Fisher

California Fly Fisher is the only magazine dedicated to providing you with thoughtful, informative articles that cover the breadth of the fly-fishing experience in California, whether angling for trout or for the myriad other species -- warmwater and saltwater included -- found in our waters.

Includes CA river conditions (CDEC), East Sierra reservoir levels and stream flows, and Federal streamflow data.

Placer County (Truckee River) Stormwater Quality Program/Managament Plans (SWMP)

Placer County Public Works
3091 County Center Dr.
Auburn, CA 95603

USDA/USFS Burned Area Emergency Response (BAER) Imagery Support

The BAER Imagery Support program is a cooperative effort between the USDA Forest Service Remote Sensing Applications Center and the US Geological Survey Center for Earth Resources Observation and Science. The Centers have teamed up to provide rapid delivery of satellite imagery, Burned Area Reflectance Classifications (BARC), and other geospatial data to Forest Service and DOI BAER teams.

For contact information and further direction, please visit website.

Washoe Weeds Management Group

The Truckee Meadows Weed Coordinating Group is a cooperative weed management group that was formed in 2003 to help federal, state, and local agencies and concerned residents fight weeds in Reno, Sparks, and southern Washoe County, Nevada. Invasive weeds affect us all - as homeowners, taxpayers, consumers, tourists, and land managers.

Linda Nelson is a good contact, from Washoe County: 823-6511

Truckee River Fund

Truckee Meadows Water Authority (TMWA) established the Truckee River Fund (the Fund) in 2004. The purpose of the Fund as stated in the Fund agreement is that it “shall be used exclusively for projects that protect and enhance water quality or water resources of the Truckee River, or its watershed”. In addition, the Fund provides TMWA with a vehicle for responding to the numerous requests from outside groups and organizations that are involved in promoting and improving the health of the Truckee River System and watershed, thus benefiting the primary water source for the community and, in the long run, benefiting TMWA customers.

The Fund is held at the Community Foundation of Western Nevada, a tax-exempt 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.

For a list of projects and more information, visit website.

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