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Dataset: Monitoring

NDEP Truckee River Monitoring Project

Nevada Division of Environmental Protection maintains a monitoring program throughout the state, including the Truckee River watershed. Find descriptions of the program at this link: http://truckeeriverinfo.org/project/ndep-truckee-river-monitoring-project.

and the most current dataset is below. Further data may be found in the State's STORET database.

Virginia Lake Water Quality Data for improvement projects

Datasets shown were gathered by the City's Hydrologist, Ecological Research Associates, Nevada Division of Environmental Protection, and MaxDepth Aquatics.
Analyses were provided by the TMWRF lab, Sierra Environmental Monitoring, and Ecoanalysts.
For project description and other background information, please visit the project website. http://www.truckeeriverinfo.org/project/virginia-lake-water-quality-improvement-project

Thank you.

Cooperative mainstem lower Truckee WQ program

TMWRF River monitoring grab samples

Grab samples are currently taken at various locations on the Truckee River mainstem and tributaries including North Truckee Drain and Steamboat Creek.  River sample locations are: East McCarran Bridge, Lockwood, Tracy/Old Clark Bridge, Derby Dam and Painted Rock.  As of May 2012  parameters have been reduced and Wadsworth and Nixson sites are no longer being monitored by TMWRF.

Specific Locations include the following:
#3 at East McCarren bridge, grabs taken on the downstream side of bridge. 39 deg/ 31'02" x 119 deg 44'23"
#4 Below Lockwood at the old bridge for grab samples, taken downstream of bridge. 39 deg/ 30'33" x 119 deg 38'58"
#5 Old Clark bridge at USA Parkway, grabs taken on the downstream side of bridge. 39 deg. 33'80" x 119 deg 29'29"

Date Range: 1985 - 03/2014.

Lake Tahoe Data Clearinghouse

This Lake Tahoe Data Clearinghouse website, created and maintained by the footer image. U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) in partnership with Federal, State, tribal, and local agencies and groups, is a gateway to information and data on Lake Tahoe and its basin.

Chalk Creek Weekly Monitoring

Chalk Creek Continuous Monitoring

Chalk Creek west of Reno between Int. 80 and West 4th St. Weir coordinates: 39 30' 50.96" x 119 52' 19.17"

TMWRF - Benthic Macroinvertebrate Monitoring

Equipment used: Hess sampler with 500 mesh netting. Area sampled: 0.256 m2 per sample, and three replicate samples are taken at each site. Subsampling: approx. 10-15% of samples must be halved due to richness, but counts over 200 are maintained whenever possible. Taxonomic level:  to genus and species, except for Diptera chironomids, which are identified to subfamily or tribe level. Oligochaetes are identified to family level.

QA: Type specimens are confirmed by Idaho State University, Stream Ecology Center; Type specimen collection established and archived to demonstrate past id's and for future verification of specimens. Library of general and taxon specific texts and monographs for sample handling, collection and identification. Bibliography of texts, keys, monographs, etc. are available.

Analysis/metrics: Idenfication and enumeration of invertebrates and invertebrate biomass determinations. No metrics are applied.

TTSA - Truckee River at Farad Monitoring Data

Water quality data from Truckee River at Farad, collected by the Tahoe-Truckee Sanitation Agency (TTSA). Temporal Coverage: 1976-11-30 - 2011-08-19 Analytical Method: WQ: Water temperature, Dissolved oxygen, pH, alkalinity, Turbidity, chlorides, TDS, Total Coliform, Fecal coliform, total Iron, Dissolved organic carbon, Total Phosphorus, ortho Phosphorus, nitrate, Total Kjeldahl nitrogen, unioned ammonia, trihalomethanes, boron, sulfate, methylene blue active substances, flow BMI: Bioassessment to order level, Periphyton. Geographic Coverage: T3: Truckee River far below TTSA at Farad: 39.42102 N/120.03270 W

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