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Olin Anderson

Pyramid Lake Paiute Tribe Non Point Source Assessment

Located in a rural area that is approximately 35 miles northeast of the city of Reno, Nevada, the reservation of the Pyramid Lake Paiute Tribe contains 477,000 acres and one of the world’s most beautiful desert terminus lakes. Non-point source pollution (water degradation by a mobile, random, or large-scale source) is a concern for the Tribe, and subsequent to a large planning effort in 1994, current pollution issues have been studied and categorized in new ways. While many kinds of waters exist on the reservation, current needs have been identified for Pyramid Lake, the Truckee River, and for perennial streams in the tribal reservation mountains. Even after years of research, more water quality questions remain to be investigated. The draft NPS Assessment Report provides a view of current conditions and considers those best management pracictes (BMPs) which might prove applicable to the pollution concerns on the reservation.

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