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City of Reno

City of Reno Master Plan: Conservation Plan

Amended 2008
This plan is divided into nine sections: Introduction, Truckee River, Drainageways,
Wetlands/Stream Environments, Geology and Soils, Geologic Hazards, Air Quality,
Archaeological Resources and Historic Resources. The Introduction describes the
boundary, time frame, relationship to other plans and why this plan is needed.
Additional sections generally describe the conservation, development, and utilization of
the natural resources identified.
This Conservation Plan covers all of the City of Reno and its sphere of influence at the
time this plan was prepared.
This Conservation Plan horizon is to the year 2030.
This plan is an element of the City of Reno Master Plan prepared in accordance with
Nevada Revised Statutes (NRS) 278.150 through 278.170.
Policies of the Truckee Meadows Regional Plan are applicable regionwide. The City of
Reno Master Plan has three different levels of applicability; Citywide, Center and

2015 Truckee River Watershed Tributary Assessment

The Truckee River watershed consists of several named and unnamed tributaries that flow through
urbanized areas within the Truckee Meadows. Detailed assessments of these tributaries were first
performed in 2002 to support development of a Watershed Management and Protection Plan, which
was prepared jointly by the Washoe County Department of Water Resources, the University of Nevada
Cooperative Extension, and the Washoe?Storey Conservation District. The initial watershed
assessments provided a broad range of valuable information, and it was determined that they should
be performed annually to evaluate impacts from development and track trends in stream condition
and overall stream health. Since 2005, The Truckee Meadows Storm Water Permit Coordinating
Committee (SWPCC) has implemented a Watershed Assessment Program for tributaries to the
Truckee River. Funding for the program is provided by the City of Reno, City of Sparks, Washoe

Water Quality Survey of The Truckee River (Historical, 1973)

Water Quality Modeling on Truckee River system: WARMF and TRHSPF

Water Quality Modeling

TMWRF River monitoring grab samples

Grab samples are currently taken at various locations on the Truckee River mainstem and tributaries including North Truckee Drain and Steamboat Creek.  River sample locations are: East McCarran Bridge, Lockwood, Tracy/Old Clark Bridge, Derby Dam and Painted Rock.  As of May 2012  parameters have been reduced and Wadsworth and Nixson sites are no longer being monitored by TMWRF.

Specific Locations include the following:
#3 at East McCarren bridge, grabs taken on the downstream side of bridge. 39 deg/ 31'02" x 119 deg 44'23"
#4 Below Lockwood at the old bridge for grab samples, taken downstream of bridge. 39 deg/ 30'33" x 119 deg 38'58"
#5 Old Clark bridge at USA Parkway, grabs taken on the downstream side of bridge. 39 deg. 33'80" x 119 deg 29'29"

Date Range: 1985 - 03/2014.

Alum Creek Research Project

Contact for this study: Mark Walker, Ph.D., Professor/Researcher UNCE / UNR: (775) 784-1938

Chalk Creek Weekly Monitoring

Chalk Creek Continuous Monitoring

Chalk Creek west of Reno between Int. 80 and West 4th St. Weir coordinates: 39 30' 50.96" x 119 52' 19.17"

Reach Y Restoration Feasibility Assessment 3: Final Draft

Please find attached Figures 16-22.

Reach Y Restoration Feasibility Assessment 2: Final Draft

Attached please find Figures 6-15.

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